What to Do if Your Philippines Passport Expires While Working Abroad

Overseas Filipino workers must be extra vigilant in renewing their passport on time while working overseas. Although it takes about 8 to 12 weeks for passports to be processed in other countries, it is recommended that you observe one-year renewal period to avoid problems in the future.

But in case your passport expires while you are still overseas, here are the things you need to do.

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According to PinoyJuander.com, you need to secure a Travel Document from the Philippine Embassy. Travel documents, which are issued to Pinoys who are returning to the Philippines but for some reason failed to renew their passports or have lost their passports, have a non-extendable validity period of 30 days. It can only be used for a one-way travel to the Philippines and can’t be considered as a short cut to passport renewal requirements.

Requirements to secure a travel document usually depends on the country where you are located. For instance, the Embassy of the Philippines in Washington D.C. requires a duly accomplished travel document, expired Philippine Passport, Philippine National Statistics Office Birth Certificate, Affidavit of Loss duly notarized by local notary public, “2 x 2” photos, self-addressed return envelope with appropriate stamps and a processing fee. You may check the website of your respective Embassy for requirements.

Keep in mind that a travel document issued by the Philippine Embassy or Consulate is usually required for applying a new passport in the Philippines.

Of course, renewing your passport before it expires will save you from all these hassles. Here are the things you need to do to renew your Philippine passort abroad.

  1. Visit the Philippine Embassy or Consulate General in your host country.
  2. Bring requirements such as your passport, duly accomplished passport application form, a photocopy of each of the data page/s of your passport, a photocopy of a valid ID, and a proof that you have not applied for foreign citizenship.
  3. Contact the Embassy ahead of time as requirements may vary depending on your host country.
  4. Your photos, signatures and fingerprints will be taken during the passport renewal process.