Photo of Migrant Worker Eating Plain Rice with Water Makes Netizens Cry

Many countries across the world hire migrant workers to do various jobs, particularly blue-collar jobs in construction because these workers readily agree to cheaper labor because their wages in foreign currency convert to a lot of money back home.

But it is a sad reality that many of these migrant workers live in poor conditions and have difficult jobs in these foreign countries. Aside from having to deal with homesickness and loneliness, many also don’t get to eat properly. A lot don’t have comfortable sleeping areas and many have to rely on others for help.

What’s sad is that most of these workers tend to send most of their money back home, leaving very little or even nothing for themselves! What’s worse, the family back at their home country easily spend the cash, thinking they have now become rich – not knowing just how much sacrifices had been put by their family member in earning that money.

The photo of a migrant worker of unknown national working in Malaysia recently made netizens cry because the man was obviously a construction worker with a physically demanding job yet he was just eating plain rice and water! The white rice obviously shows that the worker didn’t even have soup or any side dish to eat with it – just plain rice and water! So sad…

Photo credit: @syahdan_94 / Twitter

When you feel like giving up, know that they are those who are currently facing more hardship but can still be happy with what they have,” someone wrote.

A number of netizens said that they had seen this happen a number of times or could easily relate with the situation.

I used to work in the construction field and I always see these immigrant workers sharing their rice. Most of the time, their side dishes will only be onion curry. They need to save money to send back to their families. Sometimes their salaries are only used to pay for their passports and their agents will always overcharge them,” another netizen wrote.

While it is unknown whether this guy is from the Philippines, his plight is similar to that experienced by many overseas Filipino workers (OFWs)…

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