Pinay Brings College Diploma as She Hopes to Avoid Offloading at NAIA

A Pinay brings college diploma on a trip as she hopes to avoid getting offloaded at NAIA (Ninoy Aquino International Airport) – and many Filipinos are hanging our heads in shame over the behavior exhibited by our immigration officers…

Pinay Brings College Diploma to Trip

In light of recent events, including a Pinay solo traveler missing her flight due to excessive and irrelevant questioning by an immigration officer at NAIA, several people are trying harder to bring evidence and other stuff to prove that they should be allowed to leave the country and take the trip.

In a photo shared by The Global Filipino Magazine on Facebook, an unnamed Filipina can be seen holding out her college diploma.

This appears to be a photocopy of her college diploma, but we hope it is proof enough that she graduated from college.

What’s sad is that, considering the recent events, it might be possible that the immigration officer won’t accept the photocopy of the diploma because it isn’t the real thing.

What’s also sad about the entire situation is that the super strict questioning by the immigration officers are preventing legitimate travelers and workers from reaching their destinations – and many even have to shell out more money (oftentimes, money that they still have to take a loan for) because they have to buy another ticket for the flight.

Also, they’re likely to spend more money on hotel accommodation or have trouble rebooking their connecting flights, tours, meetings, and other schedules. One missed flight can certainly have a domino effect on so many things.

The Bureau of Immigration claims that they’re only trying to protect these travelers from illegal recruiters and traffickers, yet other travelers think that it’s really too much. What do you think?

How to Avoid Getting Offloaded at the Philippine Immigration

There are really so many things that you need to prepare for a trip, especially if you’re going out of the country. Here are some tips to help you avoid getting offloaded at the Philippine Immigration line:

  • Be sure your documents are complete and legitimate
  • Airlines advise passengers to be at the airport 3-4 hours before a flight, but many travelers to international flights advise being there and lining up at Immigration at least 5-6 hours before your flight
  • Dress appropriately and decently
  • Be honest with your answers because inconsistencies in your answers (especially answers that don’t match your documents) can get you offloaded
  • Prepare for the interview and make sure you’re confident in your answers