Pinay Catches Egyptian Man Touching Her Arm, Bravely Gets Him Off the Bus in Kuwait

While traveling through public transport options like the bus, you can never really tell who you would encounter.

There are times when you get to meet unscrupulous people who might make you feel uncomfortable. In many cases, there’s really not much people do (especially women) when faced with such situations because they are afraid of what the other person would do.

Photo credit: Cristelle Villanueva (Facebook account @Elletsirc J Aveunalliv) 

But one woman bravely got a man off the bus in Kuwait after he touched her arm while in the bus.

You might think the woman might have been just a snob who didn’t want to be touched accidentally by those sitting next to her in the bus. But the guy was actually sitting at the back of her seat and he purposefully put his hand through the gap between her seat and the side of the vehicle so he could touch her arm!

Photo credit: Cristelle Villanueva (Facebook account @Elletsirc J Aveunalliv) 

Overseas Filipino worker (OFW) Cristelle Villanueva (Facebook account @Elletsirc J Aveunalliv) took a video of the incident and shared this on social media. In the clip, the man could be seen with his hand hanging at the back of her seat, very near her arm.

Cristelle must have anticipated what the man’s next move might be because she turned on her camera and took a video of the incident. At first, you might think this man was really just innocently putting his hand on that part of the seat, but moments later he would move to touch the Filipina’s arm.

Photo credit: Cristelle Villanueva (Facebook account @Elletsirc J Aveunalliv) 

Incensed over the man’s actions, Cristelle stood up and angrily told him off! Then, she even got the chance to hit the man before telling the driver to get this man off the bus for his inappropriate actions, reported Pilipino sa Kuwait.

Thankfully, Cristelle was safe. It’s a good thing she didn’t just stay silent about the incident as the man could have followed her to her destination.

Watch the incident here:

Posted by Elletsirc J Aveunalliv on Monday, February 25, 2019