Pinay DH Ends Up with Lots of Debts after Helping Fellow Pinay in Hong Kong

A lot of Filipinos have a soft heart for fellow Pinoys in need, especially when they are both living outside the country and away from their families. Sadly, there are also those people who prey on such kindhearted people, causing them a lot of trouble.

A domestic helper in Hong Kong named Rosalina Canque Cain took pity on a fellow overseas Filipino worker (OFW), a certain Maria Guimao-Bowes. Last June 2018, Maria begged Rosalina for help as her mother was hospitalized at the time.

Because Rosalina did not have any cash or savings to lend Maria, the latter urged her to pawn several jewelries she owned, amounting to HK$8,658 (Php58,000). Maria promised to pay Rosalina the following month, so she could redeem the jewelry from the pawnshop.

With Maria’s urging, Rosalina also took a loan of HK$10,000 (Php67,100) to help with the hospital bills. But Maria did not fulfill her promise to Rosalina. She did not pay Maria for the loan nor did she help get back the jewelry from the pawnshop.

What’s worse, Maria was terminated from her job and had to go back to the Philippines shortly afterwards. Rosalina later received news that Maria got married to a Canadian in October.

But even that good fortune did not make her remember her friend in Hong Kong who is now facing a mountain of debt after helping her with her mom’s hospital bills.

Rosalina is now the one paying the bank for the loan, reported Kwentong OFW. She could also lose her bracelet, ring, earrings, necklace, and pendant to the pawnshop because she had no money to redeem the pawned items.

Because of the many problems she is facing, Rosalina keeps on crying. Her friends, such as LynRose Suarez Canque, hope she could find justice in her predicament and get back the money she lent her former friend.

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Posted by LynRose Suarez Canque on Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Image credits: Facebook / LynRose Suarez Canque