Pinay Goes Viral for Feeding Jobless Fellow OFWs in Dubai amid COVID-19 Crisis

She is also struggling to feed her family, but a Pinay goes viral for feeding jobless fellow OFWs in Dubai amid the COVID-19 crisis. Hundreds of OFWs line up to receive food, seeing this Pinay as their ray of hope so they won’t be hungry for a day.

Helping Others in Need

A Pinay identified as a certain Ma’am Feby has gone viral, with fellow OFWs saying that she is their hero in Dubai. Hundreds of Pinoys line up to receive food from Ma’am Feby because they lost their jobs and have nowhere else to turn to so they can have food.

Ma’am, hindi ko akalain na pupunta ako ng ibang bansa para manlimos ng pagkain,” a fellow netizen told Ma’am Feby after receiving the food she is sharing to other OFWs who also lost their jobs.

According to Ma’am Feby, she is not rich and is actually also struggling to make ends meet for her children now that the crisis has hit Dubai. But she can’t also bear to just sit and watch as many other OFWs have lost their jobs and don’t even have money to buy food.

She admits that there remains the fear of getting COVID-19 due to the many people they encounter each day, yet she cries as she thinks of what could happen to these other OFWs who don’t have food.

So, she calls on the Philippine government to find ways to help these people because she and her friends can’t also support everyone. Soon, they would also run out of funds! What will happen to them all?

She added that these are not her responsibility, of course, yet as a human being she also feels for their troubles and can’t sleep knowing that she could still make a difference and help them survive before help arrives…

Watch the story here:

RTx: OFW, tumulong sa daan-daang nagugutom na Pilipino sa Dubai kahit hikahos din sa buhay!

OFW, TUMULONG SA DAAN-DAANG NAGUGUTOM NA PILIPINO SA DUBAI KAHIT HIKAHOS DIN SA BUHAY"Ma’am, hindi ko akalain na pupunta ako ng ibang bansa para manlimos ng pagkain".Ganyan na lang ang nasambit ng isa nating kababayan abroad matapos makatanggap ng tulong na pagkain mula sa isang kababayan. Dala ng hirap sa buhay simula nang pumutok ang COVID-19, libu-libong OFWs ang apektado at ang ngayon ay walang trabaho. Ang marami sa kanila, gutom ang inabot at kawalan ng pag-asa. Pero sa gitna ng krisis, hindi mawawala ang espiritu ng pagtutulungan at kabayanihan. Tulad na lang ng Pinay OFW na si Feby na siya'ng namuno sa isang proyekto para pakainin ang mga kababayan natin abroad na nagugutom at walang-wala nang mapagkukunan ng kabuhayan. Kahit kapos din sa pera at pinagkakasya ang oras sa pag-aalaga sa kanyang mga anak, hindi raw kayang tiisin ni Feby ang mga nagugutom nating kababayan sa ibang bansa. Ang kuwento ng kabayanihan abroad sa gitna ng COVID-19 crisis, panoorin sa video! #RTx | Reel Time

Posted by GMA Public Affairs on Monday, July 6, 2020

COVID-19 Crisis in the UAE

Just like many parts of the world, the UAE is badly hit by the COVID-19 crisis. Its first confirmed case was back on January 29, identified to be 73-year-old Chinese woman who came to the country on holiday with her family from Wuhan.

She was brought to the hospital for flu-like symptoms but was soon confirmed to have COVID-19. The rest of the family, 4 in total, who came with her to the UAE also tested positive later on.

More travelers tested positive as the days passed. By the first week of July, the UAE registered over 52,000 positive cases!