Pinoy Nurse in the US: “Grades Aren’t Everything, Go for Learning”

A Pinoy nurse in the US recently went viral after sharing the story of how he hasn’t been an honor student but found success in life now that he’s working in the US.

Pinoy Nurse in the US Shares Inspiring Story

A lot of people believe that only brilliant honor students have the edge to succeed in life because of their brains.

Yet, Ryan Victorino, a registered nurse who’s also licensed in the US, shared that he hasn’t experienced being an honor student while he was in school.

It’s great to be an honor student but if you can’t, then you don’t have to be. Just do your BEST and God will do the REST,” he shared.

Once you achieve your goals, don’t forget to thank Him and always stay humble.

Photo credit: Ryan Victorino

He also shared a snapshot of his report card showing that several of his final grades were in the line of “7” or barely passing back when he was still in high school.

Thankfully, he didn’t let those stop him from reaching his dreams.

Aside from being a registered nurse, he’s also a licensed midwife and a professional teacher! He also passed the US state board exams (United States Registered Nurse, NCLEX-RN), International English Language Testing System (IELTS) British Council, the Philippine civil service exam, and even the PNP entrance exam.

Photo credit: Ryan Victorino

Cool, isn’t it?

In retrospect with regard to my studies, elementary and highschool life, di ko pa nakikita potentials ko and added to that factor is mga nakapalibot na nag-stereotype sa mga hindi honor students so I would always think na mahina talaga ako,” he mused.

College and grad school days naman, ini-enjoy lang ang study-life balance but I found out may potentials ako dahil dun nagsimula focus ko sa studies. Di ako matalino pero alam ko sa sarili ko na masipag ako mag aral, madiskarte, determinado at may pangarap sa buhay para sa sarili at sa pamilya.

It was only after graduation that he truly focused on his career path, reviewing harder and pushing himself to reach for the top.

Sa mga board exams naman, nakaka challenge lang  talaga so I always make sure prepared ako, sobrang focus sa review to the point na lagi ko iniisip while reviewing to not just pass it but to get the highest rating / top the board exam at yun ang nag momotivate sa akin to take review and exams seriously,” he added.

Pinoy Nurse in the US

Photo credit: Ryan Victorino

This is great motivation for our students. Keep it up!

Working as a Nurse in the US

Just like in the Philippines, it’s essential to pass the state boards in the US and obtain a license before you can find a job.

If you’re from outside the US, such as the Philippines, you’re required to have completed your nursing degree. Many hospitals or employers don’t require a PRC license, but you need to have a US license before you can practice the profession.