Pinoy Sorbetes Heats Up Australia

Sorbetes is part of one’s fondest memories of his or her childhood. Also known as ‘dirty’ ice cream, afternoons are not complete unless ‘Mamang Sorbetero’ passed by with his colorful ice cream cart containing two to three flavors of this well-loved cold treat.

Australia gets to enjoy sorbetes nowadays, thanks to Chef Michelin Dapo and Manila St.

According to Chef Michelin, she has three memories with ice cream.

“First, when I was young, I would hear the bell of manong Rey’s ‘dirty’ ice cream cart and started to count P5 for a cone.  The second was me getting a job and learning how to make gelato in an Italian Restaurant in Rockwell, Makati. The third was me serving ‘dirty’ ice cream to chef Ming Tsai at an event in Makati,” the Manila St. owner shared.

With her childhood days spent in the kitchen of her grandmother, Michelin pursued Culinary Arts as her elective class. She would bake and sell brownies to her classmates back in high school. She continued specializing in Culinary Arts in college and pursued further studies in the same field at Le Cordon Bleu Sydney, where she was recognized for academic excellence.

Manila St.

A brainchild of Michelin’s husband, Manila St is an ice cream brand that features classic Filipino flavors and gets inspiration from Manila’s street food scene. As a brand, its goal is to elevate dirty ice cream to a world-class standard by using the best ingredients and producing the best quality ice cream.

They source ube from the Philippines while milk and cheese are from New Zealand which is popular for having the best dairy in the world. Ube-flavored ice cream is popular among Asians, along with cheese flavor. Non-Asians, on the other hand, are skeptical at first, but eventually, get fond of sorbetes.

Looking forward, Chef Michelin said that they are planning to expand the operation of Manila St. with the rest of Australia and, hopefully, New Zealand.