Pinoy Wears Toga to Pass “Strict” Immigration Interview at NAIA amid Viral Issue

Another Filipino recently went viral for wearing a toga in hopes of passing the supposedly “strict” immigration interview. He would later post an update after “graduating” and getting his “diploma.”

Traveler Wears Toga for Immigration Interview

After a Pinay missed her flight over an immigration officer’s alleged “irrelevant” questions, including one where they asked for her yearbook, so many other netizens have also shared similar experiences at the NAIA (Ninoy Aquino International Airport).

Since several other travelers have also shared getting questioned about their educational attainment and were allegedly told to show proof of their graduation, other netizens have come up with new ideas to pass the immigration interview.

Recently, one Pinay brought her diploma to the airport – but this has been topped by a guy who actually wore a toga!

Photo credit: Jim Morales

Comedian and vlogger Jim Morales, 25, went viral for his antics as he wore a toga and mortarboard (academic cap).

Morales shared photos taken at the airport that quickly gained netizens’ attention.

Photo credit: Jim Morales

However, netizens jokingly informed him that he forgot so many other things:

  • Medals
  • Tuition fee receipts
  • Clearance slips
  • Diploma
  • Report card
  • Yearbook
  • TOR (Transcript of Records)
  • Thesis
  • Attendance sheets
  • Graduation song printout
  • Picture of the graduation party (better with tarpaulin)
  • And so much more!

Some even joked that he should have also brought floorwax, bunot (coconut husk), broom, and other things for the classroom so he can surely pass.

Photo credit: Jim Morales

He didn’t show photos of his actual interview with the Immigration officer, but Morales posted another set of photos – this time, he “graduated” and was able to reach his destination: Osaka, Japan.

To celebrate his “success,” he tossed his mortarboard just like what many graduates do after the ceremony.

immigration interview

Photo credit: Jim Morales

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