Poor OFW Made To Sleep On The Floor With Only A Plastic Sheet To Keep Her Warm

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) are commonly misjudged by Filipinos. Some tend to think that the OFWs leaving our country are just escaping their responsibilities here and are living their lives away from their family.

What these people don’t know is that living outside of the country having to leave your family is not an easy thing to do. The OFWs are in reality our modern-day heroes.

As a reminder to people, OFWs don’t always have a great life in their place of work. It is a sad reality that other nationalities don’t respect some of our fellow Filipinos. Take this overworked OFW from Saudi Arabia or this poor cancer-stricken OFW who was kicked out of the house at dawn.

What’s sad is that they stay and endure the maltreatment just so they’ll have money to send to their families. Most of the time, they won’t get saved unless a kindhearted person takes pity on them and choose to do something. Just like what this OFW from Kuwait did.

A certain Rose Saro on Facebook posted three photos of what looked like a woman sleeping on the bare floor with just a sheet of plastic to keep her warm.

ofw-sleep post

PHOTO CREDIT: Rose Saro / Facebook

In her caption, she said her employer took her with them as they visited a friend who also happens to have an OFW as a helper. But what she saw shocked her so she took photos and posted it on Facebook in the hopes of getting help for the helper.


PHOTO CREDIT: Rose Saro / Facebook


PHOTO CREDIT: Rose Saro / Facebook


PHOTO CREDIT: Rose Saro / Facebook

The poor Pinay’s employer did not even give her pillows and blanket, much more a place to sleep. She was left on the floor scrounging whatever she can find to keep her warm.

Netizens immediately took pity on the woman and asked for further details from Saro like address or location.

As of this writing, it is still uncertain whether the embassy already saved the OFW from her pitiful fate.