How to Process Balik Manggagawa (BM) or OEC Online

Good news for returning overseas Filipino workers (OFWs): you can now process your “Balik Manggagawa” (BM) or OEC online!

The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) has created a portal for returning OFWs to process their papers through the website. Thanks to this online portal, OFWs no longer have to go to the POEA office to obtain their Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC).

processing oec bmonline

All they have to do is to create a profile on the site, BM Online, log-in using the registered email, enter their passport number of last OEC number, and update their personal data, photo, or contract particulars if their records are found.

NOTE: For those who are processing their BM for the first time, they would not have records on the portal and must set an online appointment so they could first make an appearance at the POEA. Thankfully, this will only happen the first time and future processing of the BM can be done online, like everyone else.

Now, for those with records on the portal, they can already process their BM online. As you can see in the instructional video below, all you have to do is to complete the requirements, including uploading your own photo on the portal before you can reach the “ACQUIRE OEC” portion.

What makes this online processing even more convenient is that OFWs can choose their most convenient form of payment – whether through banks (via online banking or over-the-counter deposits), remittance centers, and even via G-cash and other payment options.

Using the reference number, OFWs can pay through their chosen payment channel. Afterwards, they can log-in again at the portal under “ALREADY REGISTERED” and easily print out 3 copies of the OEC in the comforts of their own homes!

Check out this video as guide to processing your OEC:

This certainly is awesome news for OFWs who want to process their OECs the fastest and easiest way, giving them more time to have fun with their loved ones before they return to work after their short vacations.