Remember Charlie? He Reportedly Found New Love and Proposed to This New Woman…

Remember Charlie Lozada, that tricycle driver whose domestic helper wife was quickly repatriated back to the Philippines for her relationship with another overseas Filipino worker (OFW) in Saudi through the help of Raffy Tulfo?

The relationship ended up sourly as Charlie’s wife, Sheerlyn Gerasta, refuses to stay with him despite them having five children. In the end, Charlie decided to let her go so she can be happy even if that meant losing her forever.

Photo credit: AX-Tech Paparoche / YouTube

But things would soon change for the tricycle driver. Not only did he receive a huge sum of money from Tulfo and a tricycle from a kind viewer, he also reportedly found a new love.

Photo credit: AX-Tech Paparoche / YouTube

And while his ordeal with Sheerlyn unfolded on national TV back in January and February of this year, he seems to have moved on and truly found love in this new woman. In fact, there were reports that he has already proposed to her – and she seemed to have said “yes”!

Photo credit: PhilNews

But how could he marry this woman if Sheerlyn was his wife? It turned out that though the marriage ceremony happened, the papers never made it to the right channels; thus, the marriage is legally null and void. This leaves Sheerlyn free to marry her engineer lover from Jeddah or whomever she wants to – and Charlie to do whatever he wants.

Photo credit: AX-Tech Paparoche / YouTube

In a video that recently surfaced on social media, Charlie was out at what appears to be a beach. He was happily talking to a woman and after a while, he slipped a ring into her finger. The audio was not clear but the woman as laughing and seemed to have said “yes” as they continued to talk.

Photo credit: AX-Tech Paparoche / YouTube

It was obvious in the short clip that these two were in love and happy with their lives. This made a lot of netizens happy; though many are questioning why Charlie would propose to this woman so quickly, considering they had only been together for a few months. Moreover, many believe he should have focused on his children instead of finding a new woman to love…

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