Scared OFW Seeks Help, Claims Employers Want to Put Her in Jail

An overseas Filipino worker (OFW) in Qatar is believed to be in dire need of help because she is being maltreated by her employers and even told that they want to put her in jail.

Fellow OFW Tristan Josef Mangali saw the domestic helper named Aida Insung who hails from Zamboanga. According to Tristan, the domestic helper was queueing ahead of them at the grocery store of Safari Mall when she sought for help as she feared for her life.

Photo credit: Tristan Josef Mangali / Facebook

Aida gave her address at Zone 56, house # 30, street 135, Ain Khalid in Doha, Qatar. According to their short conversation, Aida claims she is being maltreated by her employers. She hopes she could be rescued soon because she is not sure what might happen to her, especially because her employers keep saying they would put her in jail.

However, Aida was not able to give a lot of details regarding her situation because the conversation had been short and limited by the fact that her employer was just a few feet away.

Aida shared her number to Tristan, hoping she would be rescued through his help. She revealed that there was another domestic helper in the household, a certain Kirimai who hails from Sri Lanka. Due to their limited time, however, they were unable to gather more details from Aida or ask whether Kirimai also needed help.

Photo credit: Tristan Josef Mangali / Facebook

Aida’s agency in Qatar remains unknown, but Tristan shared that another OFW named Margie had seen her crying and cowering at the corner because she does not want to go to jail.

The other OFWs are unsure what her employers are accusing Aida of, but many are hoping she would be rescued soon because it was more than likely that the employers are just going to make those charges up – and she might really land in jail for something she didn’t actually do.