Seaman Pursues Case Against Wife’s Boyfriend, But Decides to Forgive Wife for Their Kids

He was a bit of a ‘seamanloloko’ as he works away from his wife and kids, but when Michael de Jesus discovered that his wife was seeing another guy behind his back, he sought the help of Raffy Tulfo to either mend their relationship or to find justice over what his wife is doing.

When Michael complained about his wife, Glenda de Jesus, a lot of netizens actually took her side. The two have been married for 14 years and have two kids, a pair of twins, together. Sadly, Glenda seems to have forgotten that when she met Patrolman Joatham Baket.

In her defense, Glenda told Tulfo that Michael had been the one who cheated on her first – and the seaman admitted that this is true because he is a seaman. He was admonished by Tulfo for that notion. Netizens also said he should remain faithful to his wife, whether he’s a seaman or not! Many called him ‘seamanloloko’ because of that.

Here’s Part 1:

But because he does have a valid complaint against his wife and her boyfriend, Tulfo’s team accompanied him to Butuan City to file a formal complaint against the policeman. He was told that he could file various charges against the policeman.

Once the complaint is filed, the police will launch an investigation. If they found probable cause, the policeman will face the consequences of his actions.

After speaking with Tulfo, Michael had been sure about filing a case against his wife. But after their children begged for him not to file a case, Michael decided to listen to his children. He gave his wife a chance and told her to forget about her policeman boyfriend so they could start their life over again.

Watch Part 2:

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