Sharjah Airport to Strictly Implement New Baggage Policy Starting December 4

It’s peak season for traveling, especially for overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) who are planning to be home for the Christmas season but while shopping for pasalubong can be fun, make sure you pack up your bags properly or your luggage could be rejected at the airport and you could incur additional fees!

Starting December 4, 2018, Sharjah International Airport will implement its new baggage policy. So, if you are traveling via this airport, make sure to take note of the following rules and pack your bags accordingly.


According to the new bag policy, bags must meet the following criteria to be accepted at the check-in counter:

  • All luggage must have at least one flat surface
  • Bags should not have long straps
  • Boxes must be taped securely; lose strings or ropes tied around the boxes are not allowed
  • Luggage must not be tied or taped together
  • Luggage shouldn’t be round or irregular in shape

Just in case you don’t have bags that are within the regulation, you are required to have your items repacked into an approved cardboard box.

Thankfully, you can find this at the airport through the authorized agent, HALA Services. However, passengers will be charged DH20 (Php300) for baggage repacking fees. If this is too much for you, just make sure your bags will adhere to airport regulations as these will be strictly implemented starting December 4.

Example of a luggage that is no longer allowed at the airport
Photo credit: Wandering Egg

Sharjah Airport Authority Chairman Ali Salem Al Midfa told Gulf News that the new regulations will be implemented to save valuable time at the airport.

Passengers with bags that don’t meet the standards do not wish to avail of the boxes at HALA Services also have the option to proceed to the oversized baggage counter; though more charges might be incurred.

According to Al Midfa, luggage should also be within 90cm long, 75cm high and 60cm wide. Those that exceed these limits need to check in their stuff at the oversized baggage counter.

To avoid delays and extra charges, make sure to pack your bags according to the regulations. It is also important to remove old luggage tags from your items and put unique identifying marks or tags on your bags to avoid delays in claiming your items.

Example of a luggage that is no longer allowed at the airport
Photo credit: Wandering Egg

To secure your items, use packing tape – do not use a rope or string.

You are also reminded to never put your travel documents and money or other valuables in your check-in bags. Laptops and other gadgets must also be within easy reach so you can easily remove these for the separate screening at the security scan areas.