Steps to Applying for UAE Amnesty 2018

While many of the workers in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are there with proper working visas and legal documents, there are also a lot who are there on tourist visas or are overstaying because they found a new job there but were unable to correctly process their exit clearances and new permit.

Fines can be quite large for such violations but from August 1 up to October 31, 2018, the UAE grants amnesty to these overstaying expats as well as those who illegally entered the UAE. Thanks to this amnesty program, you will no longer pay fines for overstaying and related violations.

Step 1. Determine if you are eligible for amnesty.

Take note that the amnesty program is only for those who are overstaying or had entered illegally. Those with other cases (such as bouncing cheque, unpaid loans, non-payment of credit card, and police charges) need to have these resolved first before applying for the amnesty program.

Photo credit: Gulf News

Step 2. Find the nearest place you can apply for amnesty.

  • Abu Dhabi – immigration offices in Shahama, Al Gharbia, and Al Ain
  • Dubai – immigration offices at Al Aweer (for those who want to exit UAE) and Amer Centers (for those who want to stay in the UAE and legalize their residency status)
  • Other emirates – main immigration offices

Step 3. Fill out the necessary forms

Step 4. Pay the relevant fees. While fines will not be imposed, there are still fees that need to be paid if you avail of the amnesty program.

  • 221 AED (Php3,250) to exit UAE
  • 521 AED (Php7,680) to stay in UAE and correct residency

Additional fees for those who want to close an absconding case:

  • 121 AED (Php1,780) for individuals
  • 521 AED (Php7,680) for private companies
  • 71 AED (Php1,050) for government institutions


Aside from payment of the relevant fees, you are required to bring the following:

  • Passport
  • Flight ticket to home country, with travel date set after 10 days of visiting amnesty office

Take note that if you don’t have a passport, go to the nearest embassy or consular office to obtain the necessary travel documents

For questions and more information, call the hotline for assistance at 80080.