Tips for OFWs to Keep the Love Burning in Long-Distance Relationships

Most overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) are forced to leave their loved ones in the Philippines as they work abroad; though there are those who are lucky to have them by their side at the country they are working in,but this arrangement is not possible for everyone.

With thousands of miles between them and often being indifferent time zones, it is a challenge for many OFWs to keep their love burning in long-distance relationships.

But here are some tips to help you out…

Agree to Make Things Work

Even before you fly off to the new country you will be working in, make a pact with your loved one to try your best and make things work. Promise each other you will try your best and that you would not easily give up when things get tough — because things are surely going to get tough!

Agree to make adjustments, especially because you’ll most likely be in different time zones.

Set Specific Schedules and Try to Stick with These

Once you’ve settled in the new place and you’ve adjusted to the new time zone, set specific schedules and try your best to stick with these. Make sure you can communicate regularly, such as doing video calls at specific times of the day.

While it might be a challenge to find the right time, considering the different time zones, you’ll be able to work that out later on.

Trust Each Other

This is a huge challenge for everyone but trusting each other is the key to staying happy in the relationship. Since you vowed to make things work, you have to trust that you both will follow though that promise — and you should!

Understand that you are far apart from each other and would certainly be interacting with other people where you are; by trusting each other, you won’t be arguing over things that don’t matter. Instead, you can focus more on your love for each other.

Anticipate Problems and Discuss Long-Term Plans

Make long-term plans, especially since you’ll probably be away from many months. Where will your money go in the coming months? For your dream house, a dream car, your dream wedding, etc.

When the time comes that you need to go home for a vacation because your contract has ended, will you renew it or are you staying home for good? How many years are you planning on working away from your loved ones?

While those are still difficult to determine, discussing future plans will help you stay focused on your relationship.

Good luck!