Top 3 Highest-Paying Jobs in the UAE

When it comes to finding jobs and getting paid more money, it is true that overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) often get to earn more than those working in the Philippines for the same job. This is the reason why a lot of Filipinos dream of finding a job abroad, in hopes of bringing their families out of poverty.

But if you are still a high school student or even a college student unsure of what career path to take in the future, it is always nice to check what jobs are paid more in countries you wish to work in.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) might not be the best place to work in if you are a domestic helper but other careers flourish in the country and are actually paid quite a lot even compared with those working in other countries.

So, which jobs are paid the highest salary in the UAE?

According to Dubai OFW, data from Emolument showed that professionals working in the legal department earn the highest salaries in the UAE, particularly in Dubai. The data is based on surveys conducted by the website on professionals working in the country.

Benchmark data from the website was used to determine the highest-paying jobs in the UAE.

According to data from Emolument, legal department professionals earn $157,000 (Php8.25 million) per year. This makes this career an exciting choice for many students as it pays the highest in the UAE.

Next down the rank, based on Emolument data, are workers in financial services. They earn much less than the legal department workers but at $117,000 (Php6.15 million) per year on average, they still receive much more than most workers.

Third highest paid workers are those in the airline industry who earn an average of $102,000 (Php5.36 million) per year.

Even in other countries, these jobs do earn significantly more than others; thus, if you are still unsure what career path to take, you might one to pick of these…