Two Pinay Pedestrians Figured in Road Accident involving Lady Driver in Saudi

In Saudi Arabia, women have very little rights and privileges compared with men. In fact, it was only quite recently that women were actually allowed to drive and get a license.

But should women really be allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia? While this is still a subject of much debate, especially with the many restrictions imposed on women in the Arab nation that leave many wondering whether these lady drivers even have proper driving lessons, one figured in a road accident that involved two Pinay pedestrians.

Photo credit: Neb Mac Del / Facebook

Netizen Neb Mac Del, an overseas Filipino worker in Saudi, shared photos of two women lying on the street. Both appeared to be in bad condition and not moving at all, just lying on the road with a pool of blood beside their heads.

While it was unknown how fast the vehicle was going or what kind of car it had been, witnesses said that the driver was a lady.

Photo credit: Neb Mac Del / Facebook

It was obvious, though, that the car had been driving too fast because the women were several meters apart from each other and their shoes or sandals were separated from their feet due to the impact.

The incident had supposedly happened at Corniche in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia. The post did not also make it clear whether the lady driver had stopped to check on the two Pinay pedestrians and did something to pay for their medical expenses or if she is facing charges at the police station.

Photo credit: Neb Mac Del / Facebook

The identities of the Pinay pedestrians and the lady driver of unknown nationality have not been released but everyone is hoping the women are alright and that they survived the incident.

With both clearly suffering from head injuries, a lot of Pinoy netizens are hoping the two survived without much problems and that the lady driver paid for their medical expenses as well as give them money to cover other needs.