Video of OFW’s Homecoming after 4 Years Abroad Makes Netizens Cry, Lots of OFWs Can Relate

Most overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) have a 2-year contract that comes with a 1-month paid vacation, with free airplane tickets to Manila. However, there are also OFWs whose contracts get extended without additional paid vacations.

But for everyone, what’s really important is for them to be able to go back home, even for just a few weeks. It’s not just a chance for them to relax but to also spend time with their families. Many don’t even care if they don’t get paid on that extra vacation month, as long as they can go home.

In a post that has gone viral on Facebook, the page Crush ng Bayan by vlogger Rochelle Vivas shared the sweet video of an OFW’s homecoming.

According to the post, the OFW in the video was not able to come home for 4 years. Just imagine the happiness everyone felt as they saw her at the airport, finally able to come home after being away for so long!

It is not easy to go work abroad just for the sake of providing the needs of the family and for their brighter future. They are getting along with other nationalities and working as domestic helpers. They endure all the hardships just to have something to send to their family in the Philippines,” the video was captioned.

It is the story of almost all OFWs, especially domestic helpers who tirelessly care for other people while enduring the thought of leaving their own family just to provide for them financially,” shares OFW blog Expat Readers.

It is clear from the video that both the OFW and her family missed each other so much. They hugged and kissed at the airport as she arrives from her flight. They weren’t able to spend time together the past 4 years – and now they are truly happy to have her home, even for just a short vacation…

Here’s the sweet video:

What’s the Regular Contract Period for OFWs?

The contract depends largely on the type of job an OFW has. The contract is shorter for high-risk jobs; for example, those working in oil rigs often get to enjoy a 1-month vacation every 3 months of work! For domestic helpers, the contract is often for 2 years while other workers, such as nurses and engineers might be able to go home every year.