Widowed OFW Inspires After Sending All Six Children to School

The work of an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) is never easy, what with the many sacrifices that need to be done as they live far away from their families. Many OFWs have a hard time raising their children and making sure everyone grows up well, goes to school and finishes their studies, and still honor and respect them as parents even if they rarely see each other.

But if any given OFW’s task in raising the kids is difficult when they have a partner to help them out, this becomes doubly hard when the partner is gone. This is what happened to Dina Nira Blanca Monid, a widowed OFW who inspired many for sending all her six children to school.

Photo credit: ExpatReaders

Dina lost her husband to diabetes when the kids were still small. With six mouths to feed, Dina had a difficult time raising the children without her husband.

The OFW was lucky with her Lebanese employers. Not only did they paid her well, they would also send balikbayan boxes to her family in the Philippines, with the contents and the shipping charges paid for by her employers!

This helped Dina a lot, ensuring that money she earns goes to her children’s education. According to KAMI, Dina has been working for the Lebanese family for 8 years; they are based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Photo credit: ExpatReaders

Two of Dina’s kids have already graduated from college, both earning a degree in Education. She is hopeful that the two would be able to pass the board exams soon but is also determined to send the rest of her children to college.

She still has four kids more to go but she hopes that the younger ones will follow in their elder siblings’ footsteps and also fulfill their dreams to graduate from college and earn their respective degrees for a better future.