Working in Two Jobs at the Same Time, Legally Possible in UAE

In hopes of providing a better life for their families, a lot of Filipinos go abroad where they could receive a higher pay. But they also have to deal with loneliness and being homesick while far away from their families.

One way to deal with loneliness is to make yourself busy by taking a second job just to pass the time. But before you do that, make sure that you are not doing something that is against the law in the area you are working in.

For example, in the Middle East, workers are often not allowed to take a second job; though there are some exceptions to the rule.

Since 2010, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) amended its Labour Law to allow workers to take a part-time job even if they already have a full-time job. Of course, this is allowed under the premise that the second job will not be a conflict of interest with your first job and that it would not interfere with your existing duties and tasks in the full-time job.

Getting a Part-Time Work Permit

In the UAE, you are only allowed to get that second job if you obtain a part-time work permit.

Everyone with a work visa is allowed to get a part-time work permit which is valid for 1 year; however, you will only be allowed to have a part-time job if you work for less than 8 hours a day in this second job.

People on a family visa can still obtain a part-time work permit as long as they can provide a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from their sponsor.

Take note that the part-time work permit will cost you a total of AED 600 (Php8,500). You need to pay AED 100 (Php1,400) for the application fee and AED 500 (Php7,100) for the approval fee.

While the permit is expensive, you should take on the second job without this. Workers face fines if caught working at a second job without a permit. Hiring companies will also be fined AED 50,000 (Php712,000) for hiring you.