4 Smart Spending Tips for OFWs Planning to Take a Vacation in the Philippines

Many people think that overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) have an abundance of money, mostly because they receive a higher salary than those working for the same job in the Philippines. This is a reality that many OFWs have to deal with, especially when it is time for them to take a short vacation from their job.

Here are some smart spending tips for OFWs who are planning to take a vacation in the Philippines.

Set a Budget

With everyone thinking you have a lot of money and expecting that you brought them something from the country you are working in, many OFWs end up spending their entire savings and leaving home with not much money left at the end of their vacation.

To avoid doing that, set a budget – and that includes ‘expected unexpected’ situations such as an old uncle or some other relative turning up at your house to greet you on your vacation.

Enjoy with Family

When doing your budget, make sure to allocate something for you and your family to have fun, of course – like a trip to a place you have never been to as a family. After all, you sacrificed your time with them so you can give them a better life. Spend your money wisely but also reward you and your family by having a good time.

But you don’t really have to spend a lot of money to do that! Spending more time bonding with them is more precious than spending a lot of money on them. Just make sure you prioritize them over your friends and barkadas.

Try to Make Your Vacation Private

While it is tempting to announce to everyone that you are home, this could attract a lot of people who want to ask for ‘pasalubong’. A number of OFWs have learned that the less fanfare they do on their vacation, the less money they spend.

Of course, you might be labeled as ‘greedy’ and ‘stingy’ by people who want some pasalubong and money but if you really can’t say “no” to those who ask and don’t have a lot of money to spare, then a quiet vacation is your best option.

Don’t Take a Loan to Please Everyone

So, everyone still got wind of your homecoming and are making you feel guilty that you didn’t bring them some pasalubong? Well, don’t fall into that trap and take a loan so you can please them by buying them gifts or treating them to dinner that you can’t really afford.

Spend wisely – and never take a loan just to please everyone! Remember, no matter how much money you give them or how many pasalubongs you share, there are still people who would not be content with what you give them!