Survival Tips for First-Time OFWs

After the novelty of being an overseas Filipino worker (OFWs) fades away in the weeks after you arrive at the new country you are working in, this is when loneliness and homesickness sets in. Many veteran OFWs will tell you that the feeling will always be there but you can eventually learn to accept the new life you are in.

Here are some tips to keep you from falling apart, breaking down, and packing your bags up to go back home…

Embrace the New Country, New Culture

Yes, it might be true that this is easier said than done but you’ll gain nothing if you keep on hating the new country you are in, just because it is so much different from the Philippines.

While you might never love the country you are in, try to accept it and embrace the new culture. If you can, learn the language and understand the culture. As you keep your mind occupied on trying to learn more about the new country you are in, you will forget the loneliness you feel for being away from your family.

Try the delicacies and enjoy the local favorites. The beauty about being an OFW is that you get to experience new things, new cultures – and you even get paid to do it, with your fare and accommodations provided for free! So, instead of hating the fact that you are far from the Philippines, learn to love and explore the new place you are in.

Of course, make sure you also learn about the new country’s laws because there are places where something as simple as wearing shorts could land you in trouble!

Don’t Worry Too Much

You might be in a different time zone than your family – and that can be quite frustrating for many OFWs who could not easily connect with their families even with the ready availability of the internet and cellular signal.

Try to connect with your family but don’t worry too much about them or pressure yourself so much that you might end up having no rest at all because you want to spend every waking hour with your family.

You can help curb loneliness by having fun at the new place you are in – but just make sure it’s good, clean fun.

Pro advice: Just because you’re homesick and lonely, it does not mean you should find someone new to love at the place you are in.

Reward Yourself but Also Save Up

There are so many things to do, so many places to explore in the new country you are in. Do have fun! Don’t forget to reward yourself for your hard work – whether it’s a spa treatment, a new bag, eating at a fancy restaurant during payday, or just about anything that would put a smile on your face.

But don’t ever think that you have to send all your money back to your family!

While you enjoy exploring the new country and splurging on new stuff, don’t forget to save money as well. Indeed, there are lots of cool stuff you can buy, with designer items possibly more affordable to you now but learn to control your spending.