OFW in Great Pain Due to Arthritis, Seeks Help to Go Back Home

Millions of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) sacrifice time away from their families to give them a better life, a brighter future. Day after day, they have to endure being away from their loved ones, often feeling lonely and homesick as live miles apart from each other, usually on different time zones.

Sadly, there are also many OFWs who have to deal with difficult situations, not just loneliness and homesickness.

There are those who get sick while at their host countries but are not lucky to have kind employers who help them out or even bring them to the hospital.

Evangeline Gonzales Atilano, a domestic helper in Kuwait, is suffering from great pain due to rheumatoid arthritis. She could barely move, with each movement putting her in deeper pain.

Though her employers brought her to the hospital, the medical bills and medicines were charged against her salary. This is clear violation of the memorandum of understanding (MoU) between the Philippines and Kuwait on the protection of OFWs.

According to Expat Readers, Evangeline’s sister Ej Gonzales shared a video of the OFW who was walking around in her room with slow, pained movements.

But thought Evangeline had asked her employers to send her back to the Philippines as she could no longer move around and be an effective helper, anyway, they refused to release her until her reliever arrives.

Considering the lengthy process of going abroad, it might take months before Evangeline’s reliever arrives. Thus, her family sought the help of Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA). They were told that her concern has been forwarded to the concerned department but Ej fears that the process is too slow, especially due to the holidays.

So, Ej posted the video on social media in hopes that like many others, it would go viral and they would quickly receive help from the government.

Watch the video here:

OFW Needs Helps

Hi I need your immediate assistance to repatriate my sister. Her employer does not allow her to go home till her reliever will arrive. She can't work anymore due to the rheumatic arthritis that affects her bones or joints and muscles to swell and disturbingly painful. I already receive response from Owwa administrator that request for assistance was already forwarded to concern agencies or departments. But I find it to slow to take action considering that eid holiday is coming soon (August 20-22 2018 but usually they will make it till August 25, 2018. So possible help will be provided only after August 26 2018) that might delay the needed assistance for my sister. Please action it the earliest by Sunday August 19 2018. Pull her out and send her to the doctor for immediate medical assistance. Please pm me for the personal information of my sister. Her name is Evangeline Gonzales Atilano aka Dreamgurl Atilano fb account Niya. Presently OFW in Kuwait BayanCourtesy | Ej Gonzales

Posted by OFW Community on Monday, August 20, 2018