Angry OFW Demolishes House after Discovering She was Tricked by Own Sibling

She worked hard abroad to provide a better life for her family and to build them a home, but one overseas Filipino worker (OFW) angrily demolished the house she had built for 3 years after discovering she was tricked by her own sibling.

Jonalyn Obnar angrily shared a video of the house she built for 3 years with her hard-earned money as she worked abroad. She said that this should serve as lesson for OFWs not to fully trust anyone, even their own siblings.

According to Jonalyn, she had worked abroad for 15 years but hopes to be home for good. One of her plans is to build a house so she and her family could have a home to live in. Upon learning about Jonalyn’s plan, her sister and brother-in-law dealt a lot for Php40,000. They promised that the lot is fully titled and will be easily transferred to her name.

Trusting her sibling, Jonalyn and her husband would soon build a house on the lot. They did ask for the land title but was told that it was in the works; if they insisted, her sibling would get angry and insist they should just trust her. Thinking that everything was going to be alright with the lot, Jonalyn spent a good amount of money on the house.

But when she finally arrived on vacation, she discovered that the lot sits on a common property that could not be sold. It was a ‘mother title’ but can’t be sold to them yet. What’s worse, she felt really betrayed by her own sibling because it would appear that she was building a home for them!

Angry that she was tricked by her own sibling, the OFW decided to demolish the house! She was excited to live in that home but decided to demolish it so no one, especially her sibling, could make use of her hard-earned money.

What’s a Mother Title?

In the Philippines, a ‘mother title’ refers to the original title of ownership of the land. It is the very first registration of the property in the ancestral lot. Dividing that property and making individual titles often needs a lot of money and would take a very long time. Oftentimes, the property can’t be subdivided because there are family members who won’t sign.