Free Medical Check-Up Offered for OFWs in Hong Kong

Many overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) are so busy with their jobs and tired after working long hours that most of them do not really have time to take care of their health.

Some might live sedentary lifestyles, working long hours on their desk jobs while others are too tired with the hard, physical labor they do all day. Many end up eating too much unhealthy (but delicious) food to feel better and to re-energize themselves. A lot of them don’t get to exercise, too.

This leads to a number of OFWs suffering from various medical conditions – and the sad news is that many don’t even get to have themselves checked up because of their busy schedules.

In Hong Kong, OFWs can undergo free medical check-up, thanks to the initiative by Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO). The workers are welcome to go to the government agency’s office located on the 18th floor of the Mass Mutual Building at 33 Lockhart Road in Wan Chai from 9AM to 4PM, from Saturday to Thursday.

Photo credit: Hong Kong News

Aside from check-ups, the agency also provides a number of diagnostic tests, including those to check body mass index, cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar.

We have to be conscious. We think we are healthy but are not. We can only rely on our health. If we are not healthy, we will have difficulties to earn a living,” said a POLO official.

The Philippine Consulate General is pushing for the Hong Kong government to require annual medical exams for foreign domestic workers, to ensure the workers are healthy.

Photo credit: Indus Health Plus

The initiative by POLO in Hong Kong to provide free medical check-ups to OFWs has been met with praise, with many OFWs hoping this service will also be provided by other POLOs in other parts of the world.