Moira Brings Danggit, Fulfills OFW Fan’s Joke “Pasabuy” Request at Qatar Concert

An OFW in Qatar is over the moon after singer Moira brings danggit and fulfills his joke “pasabuy” request at her concert. Everyone’s impressed that she actually did it – and amazed that she took the time to do this for a fan.

Moira Brings Danggit to Fulfill OFW Fan’s Request

When Pinay singer Moira Dela Torre announced that she’s going to have a concert at Al Gharafa Sports Club in Qatar, her fans were excited, of course.

Many scrambled to buy tickets – and informed her about this by commenting on her post. Some tagged her on social media, showing off their tickets or plans to watch the show.

Photo credit: Boy ulam Lutong bahay

But one comment stood out from all the rest.

Someone with social media handle “Boy ulam Lutong bahay” also commented about watching the concert in Qatar, before jokingly asking whether he can “pasabay” (also known as “pasabuy”) some danggit and that he’ll pay at the venue.

Netizens and Moira fans had a huge laugh about it, calling it the most hilarious and “bravest” comment they’ve ever seen from a fan and would-be concertgoer.

Photo credit: Boy ulam Lutong bahay

Photo credit: Boy ulam Lutong bahay

The singer also saw the comment and replied “hanep” but didn’t elaborate.

It was all really a good laugh – but it turned out that the singer actually got the guy a box of danggit!

At one point in the concert, the singer brought out the box and called the fan onstage, joking that he should get it because she sacrificed a lot to bring it to Qatar, including having all her clothes smell like danggit because of his request.

Photo credit: Boy ulam Lutong bahay

This got a lot of laughs from the audience who readily cheered when Moira jokingly warned the fan that if he doesn’t go on stage, she’ll distribute the danggit to the audience.

The lucky fan finally summoned to courage to go up the stage – and he got luckier still when Moira didn’t let him pay a cent and thanked him instead for watching the concert.

And because she’s already there with him, he even asked if they could have a photo – and she happily obliged. Awww. Isn’t that sweet?

Here’s the video:

It was later revealed that he even got to meet the singer and band in an unplanned special meetup. So lucky!

Photo credit: Boy ulam Lutong bahay

Photo credit: Boy ulam Lutong bahay

What Is Moira Known For?

Moira Dela Torre is a Pinay pop singer-songwriter known for heartbreaking songs like “Paubaya” and “Patawad, Paalam.

She also went viral for doing covers of popular songs such as “Torete” and “Sundo.”