OFW in Kuwait Receives Very Little Food from Employers, Now Looks Malnourished

A huge number of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) work in the Middle East. Based on the survey by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), it is estimated that there are 2.3 million OFWs across the world; 25.4% of OFWs are working in Saudi Arabia, 15.3% are in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and 6.7% are in Kuwait.

What is sad to note is that the Middle East isn’t exactly the dream destination everyone wished to work in; however, many work there because there are less job options available elsewhere. Also, work conditions aren’t always ideal, especially for domestic helpers.

Recently, a domestic helper reported first reported to be working in Saudi Arabia but later confirmed to be in Kuwait went viral for looking so malnourished.

Netizen Mafie Fulos Anna Miskina shared a video of the OFW who was eating a bowl of soup, the only food she usually gets.

Despite not having enough food for sustenance, the domestic helper was still expected to keep the house spotless and clean.

Thus, she spends a lot of energy on her work yet only gets very little food. This left her looking so thin and malnourished that her pitiful plight angered a lot of netizens.

According to Kwentong OFW, the domestic helper lives at Jahra, Block 3, Street 312, House #54 and is under Liezel International Manpower Agency in Kuwait.

While the OFW is not physically maltreated by her employers, she is not given food; thus, this is still a different form of maltreatment that many hope would be stopped soon.

What is worse, Miskina revealed that the domestic helper’s contract has long ended but her employers refused to let her go back to the Philippines. She hopes that relevant government agencies will be able to help this domestic helper get out of her employer’s house; though is tricky considering that such ‘rescues’ are against the law in Kuwait.

Posted by Mafie Fulos Anna Miskina on Saturday, December 22, 2018

Image credits: Facebook / Mafie Fulos Anna Miskina