OFW Seeks Help from Tulfo to Get Kids from Ex, But Everyone Thinks She Has a New Guy

Yet another overseas Filipino worker (OFW) is having troubles with her family, but netizens think that she has a new guy even if she is the one who went to Raffy Tulfo for assistance.

Rizalyn Manuel first went to Tulfo to seek help in getting her kids, ages 5 and 4, from her ex-partner Renante Deacosta. However, Renante said that he has not idea why she is shutting them out of her life, even when he is doing his best to provide for the family.

According to Rizalyn, the last time she saw her kids was in September 2017 when she left the country to work in Dubai. But she realized she no longer wants to be together with Renante because he lied to her about being legally married to another woman.

In the 6 years that they were together, Rizalyn said that she never knew that Renante was married to another woman; however, the woman doesn’t want to get back with Renante because she already has a family of her own, with new kids, too.

Still, Rizalyn insists that she doesn’t like Renante anymore because he is a liar. She claims that he even lied to her about buying a TV, but he told her it was supposed to be a surprise for her homecoming. Renante explained that he found a job as janitor because the money Rizalyn sends, around Php5,000 a month, is not enough. But she got angry the he didn’t tell her about getting a job, saying he’s always a liar.




The hosts pointed out that she’s actually quite lucky with her partner, considering that most OFWs who go to Tulfo are complaining about their cheating, irresponsible husband; but she still insists she doesn’t love him anymore because he’s a liar. Renante explained that he doesn’t even feel jealous even when she’s always online but doesn’t message back. They’re left in the ‘seen-zone’ and she often blocks their account.

What’s worse, Rizalyn arrived in the Philippines on October 31 but didn’t even inform him about it. He only learned on Facebook. She didn’t even go to their house even if he told her their daughter will receive a medal for being an honor student at the school’s Recognition Day!

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