OFW Starts Own School in UAE, Offers Quality but Affordable Education to Pinoy Kids

She went to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as a teacher but one woman saw the potential of building her own school and now provides quality but affordable education to Pinoy kids in the area!

Marjorie Nazaret started her teaching career in Laguna, Philippines where she taught in several schools. Having taught at the Jesus the Risen Savior School, Pedro E. Diaz High School, and later Muntinlupa National High School as a Mathematics and Physical Education teacher, Nazaret grabbed the opportunity to earn more by working as teacher in the UAE.

She was hired as teacher at the New Filipino Private School (NFPS) in Sharjah, UAE.

But this determined overseas Filipino worker (OFW) saw that there’s a market for an additional school that caters to the needs of Filipino children. Seeing that it was feasible despite the challenges she is sure to face in the Arab country, Nazaret co-founded Al Alfiah Filipino Private School (AFPS).

As co-founder and principal of the school, Nazaret made use of several perspectives to run the school: an educator, an employer, as an established organization, and as a parent. Despite the many challenges she faced as she built the school from scratch, Nazaret focused on the goal of bringing education to more students. She also wanted to open a school that’s affordable for the Filipino community yet also provides quality education to its students.

Through these kinds of experiences, I cultivate a culture that celebrates failure. A culture that looks at failure as if it is an opportunity to transcend oneself,” Nazaret shared. “I have struck the balance between quality high-tech education and affordability.

Theirs might not be the pioneer Filipino school in the UAE but Nazaret feels confident that they are able to provide quality education at part with other international schools in the area.

What’s an International School?

An international school is one that, as its name suggests, promote international education in an international environment. The school might use a curriculum that is not being followed by local learning centers.