Son of OFW Goes Viral for Showing Off His ‘Best Graduation Gift Ever’

The son of an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) in Kuwait recently went viral after sharing his ‘best graduation gift ever’ – and netizens were so happy that this kid wasn’t asking for the latest gadgets but actually a goat, a real live goat he wants to care for!

Alwytz Robiniol Gaoiran, a Grade 6 student, lives with his seven siblings at Buyon village in Bacarra, Ilocos Norte. The 11-year-old student is fond of animals and enjoys taking care of the family pets.

Photo credit: Alvin Gaoiran Robiniol / Facebook

While his dad, Ronnie, is a farmer, they don’t have goats; thus, Alwytz begged to have one last Christmas. But the family was too poor to buy him a goat. Some people said that they are already rich because his mother is a domestic helper in Kuwait, but the reality is that even with his mom’s regular remittance every month, they could still barely make ends meet.

So, the boy was not able to get his wish to have a goat last Christmas.

Recently, as he graduated from Buyon Elementary School in Bacarra, the boy had the surprise of his life when his older brother who works in Manila gave him the goat he had always dreamed of! The elementary graduate was rather ecstatic as he posed with the goat, saying it was the ‘best graduation gift ever’!

His proud brother shared his story, saying he was happy that his brother wanted a goat instead of gadgets. The goat was pregnant and the big brother, Alvin Gaoiran Robiniol, hopes Alwytz would be able to have more goats soon. Alvin said he wanted to give his brother a cow but because he didn’t have money to buy one, he thought of granting the boy’s wish for a goat.

Photo credit: Alvin Gaoiran Robiniol / Facebook

Tinanong kita kung anong gusto mong regalo. Akala ko cellphone, tablet, o kahit ano mang klase ng luho ang isasagot mo. Natuwa ako nang sinabi mong gusto mo ng kambing para may alagaan ka.

So heto na yun. Tinotoo ko yung promise ko. Alagaan mo yan, paramihin mo. Buntis yan. Simula pa lang yan ng pagpaparami natin ng mga alaga. Baka sana ang ibibigay ko, kaso di pa kaya ng budget.

Who knows, after ilang taon, may sarili na tayong farm, db? Basta magsipag ka lang, kakayanin natin ‘to.

Congratulations ulit, Alwytz. Yes, I practice favoritism, at alam mong ikaw ang paborito kong kapatid. Love you, our future engineer.

How I wish nandiyan ako ngayon.


Congratulations, Alwytz!