34-Year-Old Nurse Rejoices After Finally Passing Licensure Exam on 7th Try

A nurse who refused to give up after repeatedly failing the licensure exams finally passes – and netizens are rejoicing with her on this new milestone in her life! Wow.

Nurse Finally Passes Licensure Exam on 7th Try

In life, there really are so many obstructions and challenges that could hinder our way to success. But for many, it’s always best to continue moving forward to overcome all these difficulties.

Even if you experience failure, you should never give up – and that’s exactly what 34-year-old nurse Ma Ernida Peralta did.

Photo credit: Ma Ernida Peralta

In a moving post on Facebook, Peralta shared her story to inspire others, especially the ones who are just like her once, the exam takers who didn’t pass.

She candidly narrated that before, she was among those who would just wistfully say “sana all,” “sana ako din,” or “buti pa sya” every time the nursing licensure exam results are released.

These past 8 years had been difficult for Peralta because she worked at a hospital to gain experience while also trying her best to pass the licensure exams. Yet she wasn’t able to get her license as quickly as she wished.

Photo credit: Ma Ernida Peralta

But the long hours of working at the hospital, doing hands-on training of the skills she learned in school, and reviewing hard for the exams finally paid off.

She had already tried taking the test for 6 times in the past. So, Peralta was unsure whether she should continue taking the test. Yet so many people continued to cheer her on and encourage her to take the test again.

She experienced more stumbling blocks when the PRC (Professional Regulation Commission), due to the COVID-19 pandemic, canceled the tests a week after she applied. Thankfully, the re-scheduled exams finally pushed through in July.

Photo credit: Ma Ernida Peralta

Peralta and so many exam takers got more challenges with RT-PCR tests being implemented. Then, she had problems with her test paper because she made mistakes in filling it out and had to make a lot of erasures.

But this time around, Peralta made it!

Napatunayan ko pong ‘MAY NAKALAANG TAMANG PANAHON SA BAWAT NINANAIS NATIN.’ HWAG MAWALAN NG PAG ASA! God knows You and your heart desire. ‘TIWALA LANG!’ at samahan ng pagsisikap, syempre,” she happily wrote.

Congratulations po!

Photo credit: Ma Ernida Peralta

Should I Take the PRC Licensure Exam?

If your chosen profession has a PRC licensure exam, then it’s important for you to take (and pass!) it because many companies only hire licensed professionals for certain jobs.

You might still be able to find a job in your chosen field but might be assigned to a lower position only because you don’t have a license.