OFW, Emotional after Seeing the Concrete House Built from Her Sacrifices in Saudi

An OFW, who was unable to go home for 5 years while working in Saudi, was emotional after finally being able to come home and see the concrete house that was built from her sacrifices. Her story went viral, with many netizens and OFWs wishing that their families were also like this OFW’s family.

OFW Cries after Seeing Fruits of Her Labor

Living in a shack with holes in the roof that let the rains through, Ronalyn’s husband decided to go to Qatar to find a job that could take their family out of poverty.

But because his salary wasn’t enough to meet the needs of their family, Ronalyn also decided to find a job as a domestic helper in Saudi Arabia.

Sadly, just like many other domestic helpers in the Middle East, she was maltreated by her first employers. Yet she didn’t quit. She didn’t really have a choice.

Through her ordeal, her family continued to receive her remittance – and they didn’t waste it on gadgets or expensive stuff. Instead, they made sure the money was put to good use.

Each time Ronalyn sends them remittance, the family slowly built the house. They would buy cement, hollow blocks, steel bars, and other items needed for the house construction. Little by little, their house in Isabela went from a barong-barong (shack) into a huge concrete 2-story home.

Ronalyn was lucky to find another employer who was good to her this time. Her husband was able to also move to Saudi Arabia to be with her. Together, they managed to earn more to continue building their dream home.

They faced more challenges when their 14-year-old daughter got pregnant but the couple decided to continue supporting their child and building their home.

As the pandemic struck, they had problems with their jobs but after 5 long years in Saudi, Ronalyn was finally able to go home.

Her emotional homecoming would go viral. Watch this video:

Do You Need an Agency to Work as Domestic Helper?

In most cases, yes. Getting hired through an agency ensures that you have a contract and can get the benefits that you’re entitled to get. Also, most foreign employers want to hire through an agency because it will be easier for them.

Sadly, there are still many OFWs who don’t get their correct salaries and are being maltreated – and their agencies are turning a blind eye.