OFW’s Family Treats Her to Dinner in This Heartwarming #KamiNaman Video

It is a reality for many overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) that their family and friends expect them to bring pasalubong when they go home, pay for the meals and trips during their vacation, and give money to everyone. The premise here is that the OFWs have more money than their relatives; thus, they are expected to be the ones to pay.

Recently, though, a video has gone viral because it shows an OFW who had just gone back home but instead of treating everyone to dinner, they were the ones who chipped in to treat her!

The clip has gone viral, gaining over 2 million views within just a few days after it was posted by Century Properties Real Estate.

In the video, an OFW arrives at the airport and was met by her entire family – not just her parents but her siblings and their families. It was a joyful reunion, with everyone scrambling to give her a hug and help with her bags.

It was a familiar scene for many of us, really, as most families have at least one relative who works abroad.

As expected, they went to dinner where she began distributing some of her ‘pasalubongs’. While most families often get to receive their pasalubongs at home as the OFW most likely brings many items for everyone, this family got some of their presents at the table.

Everyone ordered everything they liked off the menu and though the OFW looked a little worried, she smiled through it all. But at the end of the meal, the OFW received the surprise of her life when everyone chipped in for the meal – including the youngest kid!

It was really so cute.

A lot of OFWs who saw the video commented that they wished their families would also be like this, instead of constantly asking for pasalubong and expecting them to treat them to an all-expense paid vacation!

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Let’s welcome our OFWs home in a different way this Christmas. What would you chip in? #KamiNaman

Posted by Century Properties Real Estate on Tuesday, November 20, 2018