Teacher Rejected at Private School in PH, Finds Job in Thailand that Pays 10x More

A teacher rejected at a private school in the Philippines finds a job in Thailand that pays 10x more! He shares his experience on social media, not to discourage people from working at private schools but to remind everyone that you can still look for other opportunities if you fail.

Teacher Rejected in PH, Finds Better Pay in Thailand

When teacher JeraldRen Ferrer applied for a job at a private school in the Philippines, he knew that the salary was just around Php7,000 to Php10,000, but he made sure to prepare for his demo.

According to his post, he was also asked to prepare different stuff for the demo at this undisclosed school. In the end, however, he wasn’t accepted because they found mistakes in his lesson plan.

teacher rejected

Photo credit: JeraldRen Ferrer

He didn’t share it but he was certainly dismayed by this initial defeat and rejection. But that didn’t stop him from achieving his dreams of becoming a full-fledged teacher.

He applied to become a teacher in Thailand by sending his application online – and was accepted the next day! Whoa.

Ferrer now teaches in Thailand, earning 20-25k baht or around Php40,000. That’s just for his regular pay.

Photo credit: JeraldRen Ferrer

He also accepts tutorials and earns around Php60,000 to Php70,000 a month for this side job.

On his social media pages, he shares photos of his teaching experience and the fun trips he gets to enjoy while working in Bangkok.

He shares that he doesn’t have to do a lot of paperwork, unlike the teachers in the Philippines. So, he gets to enjoy more time exploring this beautiful country that he’s working in. Isn’t that nice?

teacher rejected

Photo credit: JeraldRen Ferrer

He feels thankful that he wasn’t accepted into the private school he applied to in the Philippines.

This post is not intended to disappoint everyone to not apply to private schools in the Philippines, but to look for another opportunities if you failed,” he explained.

Tips in Applying for a Job as Teacher in Thailand

Here are some tips, according to several blogs and experiences shared by those who landed a teaching job in Thailand:


  • Go to Thailand and apply from there
  • You have to pass through Immigration and hope you won’t be offloaded (they might do that if they suspect you’re going to the country to get a job
  • Be prepared with your documents, including your passport, PRC ID, etc.
  • It’s better if you have a job in the Philippines
  • You must have a return ticket and prove that you’re visiting Thailand as a tourist
  • Prepare your resume and other documents for job application
  • You’ll need money, maybe at least Php100,000 if you want to get by and also have enough funds for the usual 2-month deposit for a rented house or room