Top 5 Highest Paying Jobs in Toronto

A lot of Filipinos dream of working abroad, particularly in first world countries like Canada and the US. But while there are a lot of jobs that Filipinos and other immigrants can apply for in Canada, for instance, it’s still nice to be informed of which jobs pay the highest salaries so you can best prepare for a better career when you become an overseas Filipino worker (OFW).

Do you know that several of the world’s largest multi-national companies (MNCs) have their headquarters in Toronto?

Check out these top 5 highest paying jobs in Toronto, based on data gathered by Workopolis. To best understand these jobs, take note that the average worker in Toronto only earns around $50,000 per year.

Federal Judges

With salaries ranging from $300,000 to nearly $400,000 a year, federal judges are among those who are paid the highest in Toronto. Of course, becoming one is also quite a challenge as you do have to go through law school, become a lawyer, and still serve for many years before even having the chance to qualify as one.

But if this is a career that fascinates you, then it is really a great idea as the pay is quite good.


In Toronto and in many places across the world, actually, physicians really do earn more money than the average citizen. Specialist physicians can earn as high as $375,000 in Toronto while family physicians could get as much as $310,000 per year.


You might think that dentists don’t earn much because they are only working on people’s teeth but you’ll be amazed to learn that they actually earn as high as $210,000 or more per year!~

Engineering Managers

Engineers are expected to have good pay but engineering managers do have much higher salaries than regular workers. They could get as high as $172,000 per year on average – and that’s much higher than the average for senior managers in other fields such as those in production, construction, and transportation who only earn about $140,000.

Of course, the amount is still high but certainly lower than those offered for engineering managers but already good enough.

Airline Pilots

With salaries that go as high as $150,000, airline pilots are among the most sought-after jobs. Training might be difficult and expensive but when you already work as a full-fledged pilot, then the sacrifices will be worth everything…