Woman Stayed at the Airport for a Week Waiting for Her ‘Boyfriend’; Fell for ‘Love Scam’

A 67-year old woman from Pangasinan, who has been staying at the airport for more than a week waiting for her foreign boyfriend, has apparently fallen victim to a ‘love scam’.

The victim, called alias “Remy” met a 66-year-old retired US Army named “Alex Shandler” on the social networking site, Facebook.

According to alias “Remy”, she has a lot of chatmates but this particular man was different from the rest, as he was kind and respectful.

She went to the Ninoy Aquino International Airport to meet her future husband for the first time.

love scam

Screengrab from Youtube/GMA News

Just last week, “Alex,” asked for money amounting to $500 or P24,000 so he can get out from his camp in Afghanistan and be able to get his pension worth $300,000, which is equivalent to P14 million.

To be able to give what her ‘boyfriend’ needs, alias ‘Remy’ took out loans and borrowed money. For the second time, the ‘boyfriend’ asked for money again. This time, he needed P70,000 to pay immigration personnel to release him.

“Nandito siya, hawak siya. Ayaw nila ibigay yung bagahe niya kasi sabi niya gusto raw nila buksan ‘yung bagahe niya. Sabi ko naman, ‘No way!’,” alias Remy said.

Furthermore, she also gave P20,000 to three unidentified women.

“Kinukuhaan ako no’ng tatlong babae ng tig-P30,000. Saan ako hahagilap ng pera dito?” she said.

Unfortunately, she could not communicate anymore to her alleged ‘boyfriend’ and even to the three unidentified women.


Authorities said that alias Remy has become a victim of a love scam.

Airport Police Senior Inspector Nemencio Bawalan said that these scammers will claim that they are being held at the immigration and they need to pay the personnel, in exchange for their freedom.

“Wag na ‘wag niyo po itong gagawin kasi ito po ay scam,” he warned.

Despite everything, alias Remy does not believe that she became a victim of a love scam.

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