Canada to Offer Permanent Residency to Qualified Caregivers in New Program

For many Filipinos, the dream of working abroad and becoming a permanent resident in foreign countries like Canada is something that they strive to achieve in life. But this is difficult to achieve, especially with many countries becoming stricter in accepting immigrants.

But Canada is once again opening its doors wide for immigrants, with an offer for permanent residency to qualified caregivers in a new program just launched recently.

Photo credit: Web MD

Replacing the old pilot caregiver programs, the pilot caregiver programs started last June 18, with applications already being accepted.

Named the Home Child Care Provider and Home Support Worker, the program will accept a maximum of 2,750 principal applicants per year, revealed Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen. Aside from offering permanent residency to qualified applicants, they are also invited to bring their families along! This is certainly among the best offers for workers.

But the permanent residency will not be offered immediately. Instead, the workers start out with a work permit once they receive a job offer in Canada. The workers have to meet the required 2 years of Canadian work experience and other standard criteria for economic immigration programs. Those qualified will be given permanent residency.

Photo credit: Christine Santos / ABS-CBN News

We want people who are coming to work as caregivers in Canada to have a pathway to permanent residency. This is not a temporary foreign worker program,” Hussen explained.

One of the best things we’ve done is to empower those caregivers to be able to leave their employers by giving them a more flexible work permit. That’s a big change.

While the program sounds great, many are hoping Canada would be less strict in terms of the requirements for educational attainment and language skills, so as to open jobs like this to more people.

What’s a Caregiver?

Just as the name implies, a caregiver is someone who gives primary health care to a person. This could be a job that is done at the patient’s home or through a facility like a hospital, nursing home, or other places where care is needed.

Nannies are sometimes also classified as caregivers as they provide care for children; however, the word is more associated with those in the health care industry.