OFW Nurse Surprises Sick Mom She Hasn’t Seen for 3 Years, Video Goes Viral

An OFW nurse surprises her sick mom who she wasn’t able to see for three long years. The sweet video of their reunion goes viral, with many netizens sharing how they also experienced a similar moment with their families.

Other OFWs also wished they still had their moms to visit and hug when they were finally able to come home.

OFW Nurse Surprises Sick Mom in Viral Video

Millions of Filipinos leave their families to find a job abroad where the pay is big. But for many, that meant taking care of other people’s kids or the sick ones while their families are cared for by others.

OFW nurse

Photo credit: The Philippine Star

That’s the experience of an OFW nurse, Linda Amar Yee, who has been working in Australia for 20 years. She’s been taking care of sick people in Australia but when her mom got sick, she couldn’t take care of her due to the distance.

Ironic na nagtatrabaho ako sa labas, ang inaalagaan ko hindi ko kakilala. Pero ang Mommy ko hindi ko maalagaan,” the nurse shared to The Philippine Star.

And although she wanted to be the one to take care of her sick mom, Linda knew that she can’t also stay for a long time because her mother needs the money she earns abroad to pay for the medical bills.

OFW nurse

Photo credit: The Philippine Star

The OFW nurse explained that her mom undergoes dialysis three times a week. Like many old folks, she also has problems with her heart and diabetes.

Still, when she had the chance to go home, Linda decided to surprise her mom.

OFW nurse

Photo credit: The Philippine Star

Naisip ko na ay ‘di ko na lang sabihin kay Mommy para surprise ‘yung pag dating at saka parang since in and out siya sa hospital, parang gusto ko na ‘di siya ma-stress mag-prepare na “ay dadating ‘yung anak ko,” she explained.

Basta dadating na lang ako, tingnan ko lang kung ano ‘yung reaction ni Mommy. ‘Yun dumating kami na-suprise nga siya, umiyak.

Watch the sweet moment of the surprise homecoming here:

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