Former Sidewalk Salt Seller, Now a Millionaire after Working as HK Domestic Helper

She used to sell salt by the sidewalk, but one woman is now a millionaire after working as a domestic helper in Hong Kong. What an inspiring story, right?

Former Salt Seller and Domestic Helper Becomes a Millionaire

Life had been hard to a woman named Daisy, recently featured on “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho.

She recalled how she would wake up at dawn to maximize her profits while selling salt by the sidewalk. Her kids would cry and run after her, wishing she would just stay by their side for a little longer.

But for Daisy, she knew she had to put her feelings for her children aside so she could sell more salt so they can have some food.

Hanggang sa pagtanda ko ba magiging sidewalk vendor ako ng asin?” she would sometimes ask herself.

So, Daisy decided to save money so she can work abroad. She found a job as a domestic helper in Hong Kong. Her first job was like what most domestic helpers experience, but she got lucky with her second employers.

Instead of being treated just like other domestic helpers, she was treated as family by her second employers. She worked hard and remained loyal to her second employers – and soon she was able to have money and lots of jewelries.

Aside from these perks, Daisy was able to save money and build a 5-story house for her family back in the Philippines!

Hindi po talaga ako makapaniwala na magiging ganito ang buhay ko!” she admitted.

Considering that she only sold salt in her younger years, it really is amazing to see how she’s able to build this dream house for her family and secure her kids’ future.

Congratulations, Daisy.

Domestic Helper Jobs

You don’t need to have special skills to become a domestic helper, though recruitment agencies will provide some form of basic training.

There are plenty of domestic helper jobs for Filipinos in places like Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates, and other places in Asia.