OFW Couple Builds Mini Farmhouse Surrounded by Rice Fields

An OFW couple builds a mini farmhouse surrounded by rice fields – and they even have a fantastic view of the Sierra Madre on one side. Plus, they also have a small swimming pool. This is truly a great place to live in, right?

OFW Couple has Native-Inspired Farmhouse Near Rice Fields

It’s every couple’s dream to build a home for their family. Different couples have different dream homes – for OFW couple Erick Salamat and Monica Adapon, their dream house is a native home with a lovely view.

So, when they got a chance, they built their dream home from a converted section of a rice field.

OFW couple

Photo credit: OG

Salamat explained that they built their home on 500 sqm lot area. The land where the mini farmhouse now stands used to be a rice field. They converted the field to construct their house.

It’s a full concrete house but they added amakan to the outer walls to create a native house or nipa hut effect.

The house itself is 6 x 6 meters for a total floor area of 36 sqm.

Photo credit: OG

They also allocated 27 sqm for the swimming pool and porch areas. The couple shared that this is their favorite spot to hang out, especially because of the beautiful view.

Like many homes, whether modern or native, they have a terrace or porch at the front part that doubles as a hangout and main entryway for the farmhouse. It features a set of rattan table and chairs.

The house comes complete with solar panels so they can save on electricity, plus a jetmatic for their water. They even have a separate bahay kubo they’re using as a guest house.

OFW couple

Photo credit: OG

The couple spent around Php1 million to build this home, including their pool.

They shared that they were deeply affected when Adapon had a miscarriage the previous year. So, they focused on building their home, but also focused on things that their future kids might like – such as a swimming pool.

Here’s a virtual tour of their home from OG:

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