Php500k Insurance for OFWs, Available for Just Php3,200 Per Year

It is a sad reality that most overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) don’t really have savings, despite them having worked outside the country for many years. In fact, there are those who spend most of their adult lives as OFWs, only to retire with very little money in their bank accounts.

But that is easy to understand, especially considering how most of the OFWs have gone abroad to support their families and give them a better life. They end up sending all their money back to the Philippines, leaving very little for themselves.

Considering how much their families rely on them and their remittances, it is very important for OFWs to also think of the future and what might happen to their families if unforeseen events occur that lead to the worker’s passing or disability.

Thankfully, there are insurance companies that offer options for OFWs at rates they can easily afford, with the protection they need.

One perfect example is that of the ‘OFW Protect’ plan offered by Standard Insurance.

The cheapest plan is at Php2,700 per year, amounting to Php250,000 but add just a couple of hundreds (well, Php500 to be exact) to the premium and you already get coverage of Php500,000!

According to, the following are the package rates that OFWs can avail under the OFW Protect’ plan of Standard Insurance:

  • Package 1 – Php1,000,000.00 coverage for only Php6,200.00 (per year)
  • Package 2 – Php750,000.00 coverage for only Php4,200.00 (per year)
  • Package 3 – Php500,000.00 coverage for only Php3,200.00 (per year)
  • Package 4 – Php250,000.00 coverage for only Php2,700.00 (per year)

Qualified OFWs are those who are 18 to 65 years old, with valid contracts of employment, of course.

The recognized dependents actually depend on the civil status of the worker:

Primary dependents:

  • Married: Spouse
  • Single: Parents who are not more than 65 years old

Secondary dependents:

  • Married/single OFW with children: OFW’s children (maximum of 3 children) who are not more than 21 years old and are dependent on OFW for support
  • Married/single OFW with no children: siblings (maximum of 3 children) who are not more than 21 years old and are dependent on OFW for support

For more information, visit the official website of Standard Insurance.